Partnership/ collaboration/ volunteer/ Become Our Ambassadors

Empowering Education are always looking for likeminded women to support their cause of bring powerful women to the platform of educating women, promoting women empowerment and tackling isolation. We are working endlessly to replace these issues and in place have stronger independent, confident and vibrant women who are successfully contributing to our society. Currently we are supporting over 1000 women nationally in our local communities.  We currently have Northwest & Luton bases and we want to reach out to other to a more divisions to see if we can extend these important grassroots education projects nationally and internationally.

We hope together we are able to create a better future for women, men and our youth in our communities. With your support we can counsel, mentor, support and provide education.

If this, is you? Then apply to become an ambassador and make the difference to someone.

We have a successful record of the education sector especially supporting the BAME community and women.  We always put our learners experience first and ensure our learners walk away with first class experience.

We are extremally keen to support, collaborate educational programmes in the UK and overseas.   

We believe in educating and empowering the community, we believe we can achieve this by working together and making a huge difference.


    Please support us in creating awareness of our projects by letting everyone in your contacts know about us, follow, like and share our social media.