Community Events

At Empowering Education, we believe in supporting our wider community and host a range of events in Luton, Rochdale, High Wycombe & Oldham. We seek to empower locals through community events, celebrations & awards ceremonies.

Local Women Awards

We are launching our first women’s awards in Luton and Rochdale. We want to celebrate the achievements of our women and help others to aspire to be like them.  We want to help women break barriers and showcase that empowered women can empower other women from all backgrounds. We all have a story to tell so let’s work together and make this a success.

We are looking for local businesses to get on board to support and be part of this. We want inspirational women on board to be part of the awards and help us help women break barriers and succeed.

We are looking for professional women to support, mentor, create entrepreneurs and make the difference.