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Empowering Education

Who We Are

We are a community-based organisation aimed at supporting those who need assistance in education and lifelong skills. We empower learning for isolated and deprived communities In Luton, Rochdale, Bolton, Stockport, Oldham, London 1and Buckinghamshire, and we hope to extend our services nationally!

A combined experience of 15 years of support and delivery in the education sector has driven a young entrepreneur to establish Empowering Education for local communities across UK, supporting Women, men and the youth. We strongly believe that everyone is equal, capable, and gifted in their own unique way – and that’s what we are here to help you discover!

Empowering Education have been supporting hard-to-reach isolated communities who are unable to integrate due to barriers to help them gain confidence.

We offer support to clients for isolated and deprived communities. A project very close to our heart. We started this project in 2007 supporting grassroot communities and we have since prospered and inspired many other projects like this.

We have made a huge difference to individual learners’ lives, we have supported communities to up-skill, believe in abilities, empower knowledge and have made a difference to well-being and inspired individuals to take pride in their skills and abilities. We are based in the heart of local communities where we take pride in community cohesion and are working endless hours to support individuals.

Our organisation has worked with local schools, community centres, outreach sites, mosques and local partners to support, empower, inspire and make a positive impact on individuals so that they are able to gain the knowledge via our workshops to educate in English, Digital skills, Mental Health, Confidence building and many other services we offer under one roof.

We have successfully delivered projects all over UK to support women become confident, independent individuals who are now able to speak English, get into volunteer work, find jobs, use digital skills and identify their own skills.

Empowering Education, established since 2010, began in a retail unit as an outreach project supporting women in the local areas of Luton to learn basic English and digital skills. We have since received an enormous amount of support from experienced educators, volunteers and so on. With the continuous support and effort of our team, and the input of the youth involved, Empowering Education has gone from strength to strength. Through following the guidance and business advice from experienced mentors, we have been blessed with many opportunities to start various projects across the UK, so that we can continue to empower local communities, men, women, and the young generation.

Empowering Education has its own niche market and our learners are drawn to the services we offer. We go the extra mile for all our learners and are supporting communities from the roots. We deliver specialist skills, knowledge, expertise and self-confidence to improve learner’s prospects within the education sector to help advance and empower our clients to do well in every aspect of life – skills training, education, support in using the internet, and more.

We empower our learners to strive at an equal level for the jobs and business opportunities available or progress further in education and training. We aim to offer digital skills, basic Esol and tuition facilities. We offer a friendly environment so that our learners have a safe and inspiring place to learn. We treat all learners fairly and respectfully so they can progress further with confidence. Our main focus is to enhance and give knowledge to help and support learners and communities to empower one another.

Our vision

Our vision is a customer-focused practical training centre to provide a learning environment that goes beyond the expectations of clients and partners, to deliver courses designed to increase work confidence and career-success and empowerment. We want to help our learners gain practical skills from our courses to help them gain confidence and find work. Our aim is to bring learners out of comfort zones and help them to gain the skills, opportunities and skills they always wanted to achieve but due to certain barriers they were unable to. In a nutshell, we strive to help shape the lives of the isolated communities

Company Mission

  • Strengthen and develop education and knowledge to parents and children
  • Mentor adults and children
  • Create young entrepreneurs
  • Support our learners with positive thinking to help them to flourish and be confident
  • Support the progression of individuals through learning into work
  • To create support systems for local business in relation to training and employment.
  • To support ESOL learners and help them understand core British values
  • Work with different organizations locally and bring communities together

Our Values

  • Our learners are our main priority, we will aim to provide them with skills they need
  • We work with partners who help us achieve our goals and share our aims
  • Every learner is provided with IAG at any stage of their learner process to ensure they are on the correct course
  • Innovation, creativity, positivity and autonomy are encouraged in a supportive work environment

Our Goals for communities

  • Empower Locals
  • Empowering Women
  • Empower men, women and young minds
  • Break barriers together
  • Gain knowledge and succeed
  • Engage, educate to inspire