Immigration services/document checks/scanning/life in the UK test preparation/B1/ A2

We have provided professional assistance to our clients with all of their queries with the additional support of our solicitors and immigration advisors.

We also provide preparation courses for Life in The UK test so you are confident and ready to tackle this test. Our tutors will cover all aspects of the Life in the UK test preps with learners individually. We will ensure you are100% ready before supporting you to book your test.

We regularly run our sessions, we can support one to one or in groups, online and ensure quality services is given. We also support with A2-further leave to remain, B1 Indefinite leave to remain- ILR & British citizenship.

  • Do you need to support with your life in the UK test preps?
  • Do you need B1 support or A2 support?

We have classes throughout week days, weekends and offer one to one support. We can book appointments to enrol your biometric information and have all your supporting documents checked and uploaded in matter of minutes.  You can buy some of the extra service to make your appointment to suit your requirements.

Immigration Casework

Empowering Education offer Free workshops, comprehensive immigration with our professional qualified solicitors:

  • Further submissions for refused asylum seekers
  • Applications for settlement (ILR)
  • Applications for family reunions (Refugees)
  • Travel documents applications
  • Residency applications for EU and nationals and their family members
  • Entry clearance applications for their family members
  • Dealing with solicitors or finding legal representation
  • Ask for any other service and we will ne happy to provide this for you

If you need support with your applications, find your local office and attend our drop in service

UK Visa and citizenship application services

We can help you book your biometric appointments and upload and scan all your documents for you, We can check documents and provide you with lots of other essential services.

  • Document scanning
  • Document checks
  • Uploading documents
  • Document translation/interpretation
  • Life in the UK test preparation
  • B1 and A2 preparation
  • EU settle scheme
  • Immigration services

If you need support with your applications, find your local office and attend our drop in service

Communities outreach projects, breaking barriers

We are offering different outreach and inhouse programs to support individuals to gain knowledge, skills and confidence needed to.

  • Pre entry ESOL
  • Digital Inclusion skills
  • Employability practical workshops
  • Confidence workshops
  • Schools
  • life in the UK preparation
  • immigration workshops

Citizenship Preparation

Empowering Education offers comprehensive support throughout the citizenship process:

  • Life in the UK test workshops and revision
  • ESOL support preparation for test
  • B1 support for speaking and listening test
  • A2 preparation for speaking and listening test
  • Applications for naturalization
  • Applications for registration of children as British citizens
  • British passport applications

If you need support with your applications, find your local office and attend our drop-in service.

We also offer online ESOL classes, and online Life in the UK support, B1 and A2

EU Settlement

Empowering Education supports European citizens apply for pre settled or settled status

To find out how we can support you Contact Us

Welfare & Benefits

Empowering Education provides advice and guidance with welfare and benefits entitlements:

-Assisting with making applications for benefits and ensuring that the correct level of entitlement are pad to applicants.

-Working closely with welfare rights to those appealing refusal of benefits.

If you need this support, find your local office and attend our drop in service

We also have online classes available

Other services we offer:

We offer many other services to make it easier for our clients, we tend to go an extra mile for all our clients to ensure all their needs are met under one roof. Ask one of our team members for any query and we will do our upmost best to support you.

  • Life in the UK training/test booking
  • Filling application forms
  • Professional letters
  • Social media support
  • Universal credit application support
  • EU settlement scheme
  • Immigration workshops
  • Biometric appointment bookings
  • document checks/scanning
  • Citizenship applications
  • Passport forms
  • Housing Benefits
  • Translating services
  • Knitting club
  • Coffee mornings
  • Walking club
  • Talking therapies
  • All immigration related queries

If you need this support, find your local office and attend our drop-in service (Link this to locations on Contact Us page)


Empowering Women BAME

  • To undertake a programme of activities to meet the needs of Women; arrange professional trainers to facilitate empowerment training, to all members and outside bodies or organisations working towards the aims and objectives.
  • To work towards a society based on the principles of social justice, equal rights and opportunities for all.
  • To support the claim of every citizen to the right to enjoy basic civil rights and freedom.
  • To value each and every member contribution.
  • To enable Women to take an effective part in the development of their day to day lives in the United Kingdom.
  • EE is a platform for women to voice their opinions to statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • To obtain and provide advice to women on education, health, employment, housing, welfare, domestic violence, forced marriage, gender equality and any other issues that discriminate women in the UK.