Basic ESOL

English My Way is a programme designed specifically for people living in the UK, whose English language abilities are below Entry Level 1 of the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum. It is designed to create learning communities where everyone is equal and has valuable experience to contribute.

Learning activities are embedded in the context of everyday topics, such as shopping and using local services. Activities such as personalisation, participatory ESOL and language experience have been included so that, through learning, learners will develop confidence to take part in community-based activities and social tasks such as talking to shop assistants and going to their local library.

Digital Inclusion

Our Future Digital project is an exciting powerful digital course delivered in partnership with Good Things Foundation.

It is a project aimed at supporting the key Digital skills with learners in our community outreach centres who face everyday challenges with the modern digital world, especially our learners from deprived areas who feel isolated and are not confident users.

The project uses digital assessment online with practical sessions to develop digital learning skills so learners are able to become confident users.

Our main focus is on supporting people from deprived areas who are Non-English Speakers to engage with day-to-day digital technology and online governments services and private sector services such as online banking, shopping and applications

We have supported over 1000 learners in our Luton locations, Rochdale, Oldham, Bolton and Buckinghamshire. We are based in easy access locations such as schools, Mosques, Community centres.

Employability practical workshops

Getting into work can be scary. If you’ve never had a job or are returning to work after a long break, then our introductory job seeking and employability courses and qualifications will help you prepare for finding a job and find out where to look for a job.

  • Make your job search effective
  • Best ways of preparing for work
  • Writing a “winning” CV
  • Complete Application Forms
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Personal presentations for interview
  • Mock interview with our Lead tutors

Your tutor will be there to give you advice, and you’ll have regular progress reviews to keep you on track. Tutors will support you in job search and mock interviews to help you gain the extra confidence you may require.

Basic ICT Digital skills

Are you interested in learning about basic ICT skills?

Do you want to learn more about social networking?

Our entry level ICT course offers more than that, we can help you learner about life through our basic ICT course:

  • How to organize music transfer using your computer
  • How to use social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Our basic Entry Level course covers these skills and many more, It is suitable for learners of all ages and abilities and has been designed to be as accessible via Empowering education to help you get more confident with your ICT skills.
  • It comes complete with interactive e-learning that remembers a learners’ progress and helps them advance at a comfortable pace – and it’s perfect for both distance and blended learning.
  • Our experienced tutors will always be there to help and support you, we can also help you move onto the next stage.

What is the digital divide?

The growing gap between underprivileged members of society, who have no access to the internet or digital devices.

What are the causes of the digital divide?

  • Differences in cultures, communities, societies
  • Weak access to IT
  • Lack of information and knowledge
  • Lack of education

How can we bridge the digital divide?

We have been handing out digital devices to families and children who are digitally excluded so that they are able to develop new skills and be independent. Along with this, we offer a digital skills workshop/course which allows learners to develop and gain various digital skills, which will give them that extra confidence and boost! The Digital Divide is a sad reality of the world we live in today. Since the rise of the pandemic, we noticed a huge digital barrier in the community – Children were unable to work online because they had no means of accessing online lessons, parents were unable to work from home because they couldn’t afford the correct equipment, and if it wasn’t a lack of digital devices, it was the lack of skills in underprivileged families. To tackle this problem, and to #fixthedigitldivide, our team have worked very hard to end digital inclusion by delivering devices to those who are digitally excluded. By doing so, we have supported hundreds of children with their education, and an equal number of parents, who are now able to work without worry of poor performance. Digital divide doesn’t just refer to a lack of access to the internet, it also applies to those who have low literacy skills, and a lack of confidence. The fear of ‘making a mistake’ overpowers so many individuals, that they refuse to work towards improving and gaining skills. To confront this issue, we stayed online to support individuals with online applications and other online service. Our services were switched to online platforms which were used to upskill our learners.


We having been delivering our services to local schools since 2007where we have made a great impact on parents with our flexible services offering courses with our unique training delivered and tailored to the need of the individuals.

Our tutors, staff, volunteers and board of directors are so passionate about educating people, and want to see people succeed. We are working with the community, based in the community and are offering different services to break the barriers these learners are facing. Being based in the grassroots of the community has given us the opportunity to help and support learners who face all sorts of struggles such as language barriers, Digital skills barriers along with many other issues they face.

Since 2007 we have supported over 30 schools, and over 2000 students.